Working at Sephora

I recently got a part-time job at Sephora as a Product Consultant!! As you all already know, I teach at a middle school during the day, so I’m only working like 12 hours a week at Sephora.

I am on my second (or third?) week, and it has been JAM PACKED with training. I have spent long hours watching training videos and taking certification tests. I have learned so much about skin physiology and skincare in the past couple weeks. The education that you receive just for working there is amazing. I am so excited to learn more.

Sephora is very different from anywhere I have worked before. Everyone is so friendly, and we all share a love of makeup. I have never worked retail before, so that is a new and exciting venture all of its own. It is especially fun because Sephora encourages having fun and getting to know each of your clients. That makes things so much more exciting. I really enjoy talking to people about makeup and skincare, and with the training I am receiving, I have the education to back it up.

One of the biggest perks of the job is this thing called “gratis”. Every month a beauty educator comes in and we get FULL SIZED PRODUCTS FOR FREE to learn about and try out, so that we can be knowledgeable about what we sell. AHHHH!!!!! I was screaming when I first heard that. I also get a nice discount in-store, which doesn’t hurt! 😉

Overall, I am having so much fun and loving my new job. I think that it is going to be an exciting new part of my life.

Do any of you work at Sephora? What are your experiences? What do you love? What do you dislike? Let me know in the comments!! 🙂

Love Always,



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