DIY Rainbow Highlighter

I re-created the rainbow highlighter that Elenarasbear did on her blog (Link: *HERE*)!!!

Check out Elenarasbear!

This DIY did not go as well for me, unfortunately. I followed the directions to a T, but I made a few crucial mistakes. Keep reading to find out!


So I started out by buying several different shades of eyeshadow from the dollar store. The instructions said to use ones that aren’t very pigmented, so I went to Dollar Tree to get some cheapies. I busted those out of their pans, and ground them into powder in separate bowls.

Next, I used a highlighter from my BH cosmetics Pride Prejudice and Zombies palette, and I did the same thing with it. I crushed it up into powder, and I added an even amount to each eyeshadow color.


One-by-one, I added a few drops of rubbing alcohol into each color to make a paste, and I spread it on the pan of my empty NYX finishing powder compact. Then, I pressed down firmly with a paper towel to compact it, and absorb the extra alcohol. I did that until no more alcohol was absorbing into the towel.

Finally I let it dry for 24 hours, and tested the swatch on my arm.


The test swatch was very disappointing. Apparently the eyeshadows that I used were TOO un-pigmented, and they didn’t show up at all. It was shimmery, though. I didn’t even include a picture of the swatch because it was so colorless. *sad*

Anyway, I hope that this works better for you, and tag me in the post if you try it!!!! 🙂


Love always,



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