Shattered Teeth

Yes, it is just as bad as the title suggests, unfortunately.

Yesterday morning, I was walking through my living room to let my aunt in, and I tripped over one of my sons’ toys and landed front teeth first on the wooden part of their mini recliner. My foot and legs are pretty banged up. I have several massive bruises, and I sliced my toe, but the worst part is the damage done to my top two teeth.

One of the teeth shattered, leaving about 1/4 of a pointy tooth, and the other was dislocated. This caused me to have an enormous anxiety attack, because I am very self conscious about my teeth already, and I just busted them to bits.

My husband took me to my dentist, (who let me in an hour before they were supposed to open) and he rebuilt my shattered tooth. He tried to push the dislocated tooth back into place, but it wouldn’t budge. Supposedly it will go back to its natural resting place in time.

Now I have 3/4 of a cool fake pirate tooth, and a very “out of place” feeling tooth. My mouth is incredibly sore, and I am teaching 7th graders all day. Ugh.

Overall, the fall could have been much worse. It is still the scariest thing I have ever gone through, besides childbirth, of course. I go back in six weeks to get the rest of the work done on them.

In the mean time, I can’t bite into anything for ten days. No burgers for me. 😦


Love always, Steph


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