“Don’t look at my eyeliner” day

I love makeup, and I love experimenting with it, and creating new looks…but I hate mornings. I am not a morning person AT. ALL. I teach at a middle school, and I have to be there by 7:45 am. I usually consider it a good day if I manage to drag myself out from under my comforter before 7:00. Winter time makes it even harder, because I’m cold, and I know that it’s freezing outside, and I just want to stay in bed. That being said, I usually don’t have time to do much with my makeup before work.

It makes me sad, but that’s the way it is. In the hierarchy of my morning routine, makeup just isn’t as important as getting clothes on and packing my lunch. Food > makeup. Sorry, y’all. I like to eat.

Today was a typical January morning. I grudgingly rolled out of my bed at 7:00 am (after snoozing my alarm since 6:00.) I got dressed, and went into the bathroom thinking that I was going to do something awesome with my makeup. Well…I fought with my contacts for what felt like an hour, and messed up my winged liner a thousand times, so I tried putting lashes on to cover it up, and they were way bigger than I expected…and it was just a mess. While I was waiting on my lash glue to dry I haphazardly packed my lunch (my husband took the bottle of ketchup, which made me flustered…what else was I going to put on my leftover tenderloin??)

I am also trying out a new foundation, and it is much more watery than I am used to, so I poured way too much of it out, and wept for my wasted foundation. It didn’t apply easily, so I had to mess with it a bunch, and I just had a really bad morning overall. My “you need to leave now!!!!” alarm went off twice before I finally headed out the door for work. In the chaos, I didn’t have time to start my car early, so I froze the whole way there.

I never did quite get my liner fixed, and the lashes definitely didn’t do anything to hide it, and I had already put my contacts in, so there was no taking them out and putting my glasses on to hide it…so I said SCREW IT! Don’t look at my eyeliner today!


Love always,



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