Review of Too Faced x Kat Von D Better Together palette

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My best friend (Kat) and I tested out the Better Together palette by Too Faced x Kat Von D today, and had a very tumultuous time of it. πŸ˜‚

I used the Too Faced side for my look, and Kat used the Kat Von D side for her look. We are going to review each side separately, for kicks and giggles.

Too Faced side:

My first thought was, “I’ll never be able to create a full look with these shades.” This was mostly due to the fact that all but two of the six shades were shimmery. I NEED MO’ MATTES! So, I was skeptical at first. Kat convinced me to do what I had to to use only that palette. I went in with low expectations, and complained the whole time. I didn’t like the look until I FINALLY was able to add enough of the dark brown color to give my eye some deminsion! I felt like it took forever for me to build that color up. I was also being very light handed, because I tend to pack on tons of color in my outer V, and regret it when I can’t blend it out properly. The matte pink shade was my FAVORITE, though! It was such a sweet color, and blended beautifully into my crease.

After I got everything on the way I liked it, I adored the look I created. It was very simple, and would work for any occasion. It’s great for the “no makeup” makeup. Overall, I like this palette, but I don’t necessarily love it. I wouldn’t pay $50 for it again, knowing what I know now.

Kat had very different thoughts about the Kat Von D side:

Getting together for makeup play dates with my #bestfriend is the HIGHLIGHT of my life. Talking skincare, men, makeup, and what-not is definitely a cliche’ I can get behind. She’s new to the world of beauty and is KILLING IT! So when she asked me to do a #BetterTogether collab I was all over it.
(When I say “asked” I mean I saw her Insta post that stated I was doing it, not complaining)
We did a dual personality split collab which suits us perfectly. She used the Too Faced side to do a sweet look that SLAYS. I tackled Kat Von D’s side to create a vampy, slightly scary look which is so in my wheel house. We both figured that going with looks and techniques we were comfortable with would lend authencity to our mutual review.
My verdict. Loved it. It look a for second to get used to it, and I didn’t love the look until I was done and doing photos.
The pigmentation is incredible, color payoff was perfect and this is one of the first black shadows that I used that didn’t leave a speck of fallout. The blending was flawless. I am so obsessed with the red shade that I want to make it a permanent part of my routine.
This review is absolutely the highlight of 2017 so far.
Vamp Bitch Queen. Check.

Love Always,

Steph and Kat

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