I have “problem skin”, and I am not ashamed of it

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I have dealt with acne since I was 11 years old. I have always been acne prone, and have tried several medications (from antibiotics to creams that melted my skin off to brands like Proactive) to get rid of it. None of them ever really worked for me. I am 25 now, and I still get terrible breakouts like you see in the photos.

Now, could my acne be worse? Absolutely. There are people who have it way worse than I do, but it is still a struggle to maintain a skin care regimen and make-up routine that keeps my acne (for the most part) in check. Recently I have been trying some new make-up and new skin care techniques, so my skin is breakout central. Trying to find products that work with my skin is a constant struggle.

To go along with the acne, I also have large acne scars on my cheeks. They appear as “pits” in my face. I also have very large pores (thanks, dad) and very oily, very sensitive skin. I cannot use certain products because they make my face look SO OILY. I have more than enough natural oil, so I don’t use the “dewy” or “luminous” products that are all the rage now. It is also hard for me to use scented products like the Too Faced Sweet Peach products, because they burn the sensitive skin around my eyes.

Make-up primer is one area that I spend a lot of time testing out. I have tried COUNTLESS primers that claim to be “mattefying”, “poreless”, and “pore perfecting.” Many of them were not mattefying, poreless, or pore perfecting. It took a lot of reading, a lot of Youtube videos, and a lot of pestering the ladies at Sephora for samples, to find what works best for me. I now use Dr. Brandt products on my skin. They are amazing. I use the pore dermabrasion exfoliant and the pores no more primer. They work very very well for my skin. They do not cover or get rid of my huge pores all the way, but they help A LOT!

As for the oiliness of my skin, I have tested out a bunch of matte foundations, loose powders, pressed powders, mattefying creams, and oil blotters. Many matte foundations end up very cakey on my face, and they settle into the smile lines on my face. I have even found that the Urban Decay all-nighter foundation settles into my smile lines if I don’t use the UD eyeshadow primer potion on them first. Laura Mercier translucent powder is a new love of mine (I have only been using it a week), but it keeps my forehead and cheeks matte for the most part throughout the whole day. I think that if I “baked” my face, it would work even better. I just don’t want to use that much product because it’s kind of expensive. A pressed powder that I like a lot is the Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder. I use it for touch ups all the time. I also like the Covergirl Clean pressed powder for quick fixes.

That is probably more information than anyone needed about my skin, but I think that it is important for me as a beauty blogger to be transparent when it comes to my skin issues. I think that it is important for people to know that even though I love make-up and skin care, I don’t have perfect skin. But, I love make-up and I work with what I have.

Love always,



4 thoughts on “I have “problem skin”, and I am not ashamed of it

  1. Thank you for this post! I’m 23 and I also have been dealing with acne since I was 12. I too have tried everything except for medications. I’ve been trying to take better care of my skin and I have found that Lush’s products like the Herbalism Cleanser, Mask of Magnaminty, and Tea Tree Water Toner have ben very helpful!


  2. I can actually feel the hopelessness and helpless state you must be in. I also have extremely sensitive and acne prone skin so I have to be careful of what I use on my skin, nevertheless I love experimenting with new products which make my skin even worse :/


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