**Too Faced Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Review**

As promised, I have swatched and tested out the Too Faced Sweet Peach eye shadow palette! If you want to know more about this product keep reading!


I bought the palette over the weekend at Ulta for $49. (Sephora was all sold out–I was disappointed, because I really wanted the points for it.)

The first thing I liked about this palette was the packaging. It is in a cute peachy themed tin with magnetic closure. There are 18 shades in the palette, and they are all swatched for you in the featured photo!

The shades are swatched in the following order, from left to right: Talk Derby to Me, Delectable, Charmed, I’m Sure, Tempting, Peach Pit, Summer Yum, Puree, Bellini, Bless Her Heart, Caramelized, Just Peachy, Candied Peach, Luscious, Cobbler, Georgia, Peaches ‘n’ Cream, Nectar, White Peach.

There is a nice mix of matte, shimmery, satin, and sparkly shades in the palette. I, personally, was glad that there were only two sparkly shades. White Peach makes an excellent base shadow,and there are plenty of shades that can be used as transitions.

The eye shadow is a bit powdery, but the pigmentation is beautiful!! The photo of the swatches does not do this palette justice! I am really excited to play with the bronze shades a little more.


The look that I am wearing in the featured photo is very simple, because I just wanted to do something quick to test out the palette for myself before I reviewed it. I am wearing White Peach as a base and Nectar as a transition shade in my crease and the outer “v” of my eye, Just Peachy is the next color in my crease and outer “v”, Candied Peach is in the outer “v”, and I put a mixture of White Peach and Luscious in the inner corner of my eye.

These eye shadows blended AMAZINGLY!!! I had an easier time blending these than my Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette. I really loved the peachy pink shades, they created such a cute, everyday look.

I think it is important to mention that the skin around my eyes did burn a bit after applying this eye shadow. I have very sensitive skin, so it could have been a number of things, but it is worth mentioning in case any of you have the same problem. Next time, I am going to use a different primer and see if that changes anything.


Thank you so much for reading my first product review, and please let me know what you thought in the comments!! I will be reviewing my Tarte Shape Tape concealer tomorrow, so stay tuned!!

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