No Make-up Challenge Day 5

This was the final day of my no make-up challenge, because I had worn no makeup the weekend prior to starting my blog posts about it. I didn’t think it was necessary to document those two days because I was just sitting around the house all weekend.

Anyway–this was the day that the realization hit me that not wearing makeup was hitting me in the self-esteem harder than I thought. I started to notice yesterday, but it didn’t truly hit me until today when I was looking at a status that my husband had posted.

I noticed that he had a lot more likes than usual on it, so I looked to see who liked it. It was a status about one of my all time FAVORITE shows (Firefly) so I was excited to see who the other fans might be. That’s when I noticed that a girl who had “history” with my husband liked it. (PETTY ALERT!!) My first thought was, “Wow, she’s beautiful…” And she is. Tall, blonde, thin, tan, clear skin, model-type beauty. Everything that low-self-esteem-Steph wishes that she was. My second thought was, “He didn’t use to be friends with her…when did this happen?” So I asked him about it and I had a hate-myself meltdown.

I would like to think that on a normal day, it would not have bothered me. But I spent all week feeling gross and ugly, and there this beautiful woman was liking my husband’s status. Ugh. So, I hit rock bottom that day, and I vowed to never go without my makeup again.

My hope to become more comfortable in my natural skin…..didn’t work out. That’s okay though. I love my makeup and I love how it makes me feel about myself.

Sorry to my husband who had to endure my sad sack all week.


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