No Make-up Challenge Day 4

Today was a very easy day because I took a sick day from work. I have been feeling very congested, and queasy, and just overall tired…so I took a day to rest. Not wearing make-up today didn’t bother me much because I was in the house a lot with my kids and my aunt (none of whom care whether I am wearing make-up.)

The hardest part of today was going out to pick up my engagement ring at the jewelry store in the mall. The pearl had fallen out, and I had to get it put back in. This would have been no big deal, but for some reason, my face has broken out horribly this past week. I really thought that not wearing make-up would mean that my skin would be CLEARER! But, apparently that is not the case.

I dealt with horribly bad cystic acne when I was in middle school, high school, and even college. My acne was also especially bad when I was pregnant. It has always been a source of anxiety for me, and I am VERY self conscious about it. I even have really bad acne scars on my cheeks (another reason that this challenge has been tough for me…I like to cover those up.) So, needless to say, this breakout during “no make-up week” caused me to panic a bit.

Every one in my town hangs out at the mall, so I knew I was going to see someone I knew, and they were going to bear witness to these giant red mountains on my face. See, my acne is not the tiny little bumps that normal people get…no, no, no…they are huge, angry monsters. And I had three right square in the middle of my cheeks.

I held my concealer for a good five minutes before resolving to put on my big girl pants and suck it up. I went to the mall, and I felt like all eyes were on my face. I looked down at my feet a lot so that I didn’t have to make eye contact with anyone. I finally womaned up and looked straight ahead, and did my best to put my worries aside. Other people go without wearing make-up. Why can’t I?

After I came to that mini epiphany, I felt much better. I spent the rest of the night very comfortable, and not worried about what others were looking at. Being out with my husband helped.

I think that the hardest part of this challenge is that all week I haven’t gotten a “You look nice today!” or “You’re beautiful.” comment, no matter how nicely I dressed. Even from my husband. (I am not IN ANY WAY trying to bash my husband here, he is a wonderful, caring, sweet man; I am just noting my experiences.

I get comments fairly regularly at work about my outfits, shoes, eyeliner, et cetera…but not this week.

It’s definitely been an eye-opening experience.

Tomorrow, I tackle the Indianapolis Airport with no make-up on. Grreeeeaaatttt.


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