Rock the Vote

A couple days ago I decided that I was not going to vote in the crazy 2016 election. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. It makes me anxious to think about either candidate winning, and I hate going to those polling places with the freaky little booths and people I don’t know, and I don’t like having to make HUGE decisions like who will be the next president. (Yes, I know that my one vote obviously doesn’t determine who will win, but I would forever feel guilty if the person I voted for turned out to be terrible.)

Today I changed my mind. I saw everyone on social media feeling the same way I did—reluctant. It wasn’t only me who was having a hard time deciding, but they were choosing to vote anyway because it was their right and their responsibility. Those people inspired me. I sat at my desk and felt this huge weight in my stomach–like I was going to be letting someone down if I did not get up and do my part. So I did it.

So, thank you, social media friends who posted pictures with your little “I voted today!” sticker. You are the real MVPs. Because of you, I chose to suck up my anxiety and GO VOTE! So that I, too, could post a cute insta photo of my sticker. I made the best choice that I possibly could.

I wrote in Jeff Goldblum.

HAH! Just kidding.


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