No Make-up Challenge: Day 1

Ok…I finished my first day of not wearing any sort of make-up. It was not as bad as I thought it would be, but it still was NOT GOOD.

The first thing I noticed was that I had twenty extra minutes in the morning for activities (sleeping)!!! That was a very happy way to start my Monday morning. I also had a serious debate with myself in the mirror that went a little something like this…

“Put some powder on…your forehead is a lighthouse. No, I can’t. Powder is make-up. But you need to do something, you’re so shiny!!! There is nothing I can do, I have zero oil blotters. What about matte-ifying cream? No, that is make-up too! AAHH that’s my LEAVE NOW alarm, I have to go!”

The weirdest part of not wearing any make-up was that I felt like I had to wear different clothes. I couldn’t wear what I normally wear because it looks best with a full face of make-up…and I couldn’t wear something more comfortable because I felt like that would make me look too hobo-esque. So I opted for a gray maxi dress and a bright purple cardigan (I haven’t worn a maxi dress since I was pregnant with Liam…two years ago…)

I got to school and felt like everyone was looking at me (no one really was, I’m sure)…but maybe they were. I think they were. Anyway, I was so self conscious of my huge pores and oily forehead that I kept side-sweeping my hair to try to distract from my face. Then, the worst thing that could happen happened…the sir in my classroom stopped working and IT GOT SO HOT IN THERE! Cue the oily waterfall that is my face! Ugh.

I had two students ask if I was feeling sick (told ya) and one just said, “Mrs. Bose, you look different, what’s up?” :p They’re so perceptive.

It was definitely nice to go home and change into comfy clothes and know that my kids didn’t care/notice that I wasn’t wearing make-up, and that my husband is used to it and won’t judge.


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