Today is the “Pilot” for my blog. I figured that I would start things off with a challenge that I saw online that really sparked my interest. It’s simple and easy, and that is kind of my thing…but what is DEFINITELY NOT MY THING is changing my routine.

The challenge I have delved into is a simple no make-up challenge. I know what you’re thinking…b o r i n g. BUT! I think that this will be pretty interesting. Throw in my general anxiety about changing any aspect of my routine, and my typical dislike of my face in general, and I think we may have a chaotic meltdown by Friday.

**DISCLAIMER: I understand that anxiety is a real and true terror. I have lived with it every day since I was about seven. I make light of it because it makes it easier for ME to cope with. If you are uncomfortable with that, I am so sorry. **

What I am hoping that this challenge brings me is a feeling of peace with my natural, no make-up face. I have struggled for a long time with being happy in my own skin. Not to mention, I just LOVE make-up. It is so fun. Today is DAY 1 in the workforce with my plain face.

My prediction: Someone will ask me at least once a day if I am sick.





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